[UPDATE] "Women, Work, and Hawthorne": Special Issue of the Nathaniel Hawthorne Review

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Nathaniel Hawthorne Review
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Call for Papers
Spring 2015 Special Issue of the Nathaniel Hawthorne Review:
"Women, Work, and Hawthorne"
Extended Deadline: August 15, 2014

"It is odd enough, that the kind of labor which falls to the lot of women is just that which chiefly distinguishes artificial life—the life of degenerated mortals—from the life of Paradise. Eve had no dinner-pot, and no clothes to mend and no washing day." So says Miles Coverdale, as he contemplates gendered divisions of labor in The Blithedale Romance. If for Coverdale, women's work connotes spiritual corruption and class degeneration, elsewhere in Hawthorne's writings, women's labor is associated variously with agency, authority, transgression, exploitation, oppression, order, duty, art, power, and magic. Indeed, when one calls to mind Hawthorne's well-known statements about women authors—one type of working woman—and the public exposure attendant upon work for women, it is remarkable how many working women populate his texts: seamstresses, lace-makers, shop-keepers, house-keepers, commercialized spiritualists, and, yes, writers and artists. The spring 2015 special issue of the Nathaniel Hawthorne Review invites fresh examinations of the topic of women and work in Hawthorne's fiction, journals, letters, and life.

Possible topics might include:

· Labor, gender, and class

· Types of women's work; what constitutes "work"?

· Wage-workers; women's paid and unpaid labor

· Immigrant women and labor

· Women and poverty, poor-houses, and charity

· The self-made woman

· Women, work, money, and power

· Women and leisure

· Labor and magic

· Labor and religion

· Women writers and their engagement with Hawthorne's representations of work and gender

Please send queries to Julie Hall (eng_jeh@shsu.edu) or Nancy Sweet (nsweet@csus.edu). Complete essays of 4500-6000 words using current MLA style should be submitted electronically to Hall or Sweet in word.doc or docx format by August 15, 2014.