CFP: Between Texts and Cities - A themed edition of Writing Visual Culture

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Daniel Marques Sampaio / University of Hertfordshire


A themed edition of Writing Visual Culture


Writing Visual Culture is the journal of the TVAD research group. It publishes original double-blind peer-reviewed open access scholarship on all aspects of visual culture, spanning art, design and media. We are seeking submissions for a new themed edition exploring the relationships between texts and urban spaces in contemporary society.

The urban spaces with which this edition is concerned are those of the contemporary, networked cities that have emerged since the crises of Capitalism of the 1970s. These contemporary networked cities are inseparable from texts –

- from the ideologies that underpin their physical structure, their many organisms, their policies and functioning;
- from the production, consumption, and circulation of information and data, which have turned cities into environments that require to be explored through their physical presence, as technological artefacts, as textual objects, and as symbolic entities;
- from dissenting discourses that resist and challenge the transformations wrought by processes of Globalisation.

The aim of this themed edition is to reflect on ways of producing, reproducing, consuming, and actuating the urban; ways that approach experience and interpretation of the urban not as discrete activities, but as inseparable from one another.

We welcome submissions guided by, but not limited to, the following topics:

• Analyses of representations (fictional, cartographic, theoretical) of urban spaces and of the 'urban experience';
• The influence of New Media, Big Data, and imaging technologies in the understanding of, and action within cities;
• Ideal cities, utopias, dystopias, heterotopias;
• Political and economic ideologies and urban spaces;
• Arts in the city;
• Textual interventions in urban spaces (graffiti, advertising, etc.).

Abstracts of 200 words for papers of 3000-6000 words should be submitted via email to Daniel Marques Sampaio ( and Michael Heilgemeir ( by Monday 1st September 2014.

Abstracts should make clear the connection between the proposed paper and the theme of the journal issue.

Completed papers must be original and not have been published previously or accepted for publication elsewhere, and be ready to be submitted in late November 2014.

We welcome also expressions of interest for visual contributions (e.g. videos, artworks, etc.), as the journal issue is part of a project that will include an exhibition, the details of which will be published in due course.

Deadline for submission of 200-word abstracts MONDAY 1st SEPTEMBER 2014
Deadline for submission of completed papers FRIDAY 28th NOVEMBER 2014
Publication Mid-2015

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