Teaching World Literature at the Boundaries: Methods, Approaches, and Practices (NeMLA, Spring 2015, Toronto)

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Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)
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This roundtable seeks to explore new approaches to the teaching of world literature to college undergraduates, especially those in survey courses. How can we introduce students to traditional issues of national myths and exile in new and innovative ways? What are the boundaries of 'world literature' and how can we shape our syllabi and course goals to extend to exciting horizons beyond these limits?

This will be a "hands-on" roundtable, where we share ideas, compare visions, and discuss the teaching of world literature. Be prepared to share and receive both ideas and handouts/activities/syllabi!

Possible topics for this session may include but are not limited to the following:

• teaching the online persistence of cultural geographies and
fostering engaging dialogue in face-to-face settings
• teaching mythic and exilic literatures in survey courses
• the relationship of literature and cultural exchange in the
• linguistic limits of translation and transnational reading
practices in world literature courses
• texts and boundaries of time we have have with students
• disciplinary genealogies of national literatures

Please submit 300-500 word abstracts to Michael Modarelli mmodarelli@walsh.edu by September 1.