Translocal China/Sinophone, or Chinese translocality (AAS/Chicago/Mar 26–29, 2015)(Abstract due by Aug 2, 2014)

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Association of Asian Studies
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We'd like to solicit one more paper on any topics under the umbrella of translocal China or Chinese translocality for the 2015 Association for Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Conference on March 26–29, 2015 at the Chicago Sheraton Hotel & Towers in Chicago, IL.

Translocality has been previously defined by Yingjin Zhang as a concept that "prefers place-based imagination and reveals dynamic processes of the local/global (or global)—processes that involve not just the traffic of capital and people but that of ideas, images, styles, and technologies across places in polylocality." Often compared with transnationality, on the topic of translocality, this panel currently has three papers about how cross-border education, migration and diaspora in different Chinese and Sinophone contexts transform the local culture in various dynamic ways, highlighting not only the force of transnationality as a cross-border type of mobilization of peoples and resources, but also translocality as as an intrinsic and a multi-directional type of transformation of a place's culture.

This panel is interdisciplinary and multi-methodological, composed of anthropology, historiography and media studies. The emphasis of this panel is on how the local is transformed through cultural undertakings rather than merely material exchanges, such as efforts of popular entertainment, education and trade networking, which explain not only circulating resources but also more concrete projects of changing social thoughts.

Please send a 250-word abstract to Aubrey Tang, Department of Comparative Literature, UC Irvine, at, with the name of your affiliated research institution and mailing address on or before August 2nd, 2014 (Saturday).