(Book Project) Projecting the World: Classical Hollywood, the 'Foreign', and Transnational Representations

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Russell Meeuf / University of Idaho
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The editors of Projecting the World are seeking scholarship that examines classical Hollywood's representation of foreign spaces and peoples. This book will analyze how Hollywood cinema actually represents specific nations, areas, or peoples of the world against the backdrop of Hollywood's globalization or U.S. global power in this period. Essays are sought covering Hollywood productions from roughly 1930 to 1965.

We are seeking proposals for work that analyzes primarily the film text rather than extra-textual issues such as distribution or production conditions. Studies of Hollywood's role in American imperialism often leave the film text by the wayside while focusing on economic exchange and issues of international production. Yet Hollywood films are not simply products in colonial chains of distribution, like refrigerators or soap; they are complex texts that produce and reproduce meanings, cultural ideals and hierarchies. This book explores how, just as Said shows of the 19th century British novel, the mid-20th-century Hollywood film must be read as a privileged site for understanding the American metropole's cultural imaginary of itself and of its neocolonial others. Far from being a secondary concern, the imaginative work of Hollywood cinema should be at the very center of our understanding of America's complicated international relationships in the mid-century period.

In particular, proposals are sought that address Hollywood's representation of non-western spaces, nations, or regions, although all relevant proposals are welcome.

Please submit a 300 word proposal and a brief biography to Anna Cooper (annareynoldscooper@gmail.com) and Russell Meeuf (rmeeuf@uidaho.edu) by September 30th, 2014 for full consideration.