Post-Conquest Religiosity - Kalamazoo 2015

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Sarah L. Reeser and Bridget Riley

How was religious practice on the frontier shaped by currents of adaptation or resistance following acts of invasion and territorial expansion? What part did liturgy, hagiography, religious art, and literature play in shaping the post-conquest narrative? These are two of the questions we seek to explore in this session. Scholarship has long acknowledged the impact of conquest upon local practice and large-scale belief. Recently, there has been a growing interest in expanding the traditional boundaries of the medieval world by exploring existing issues related to conquest and religious change in new milieus, such as across the Atlantic. By soliciting interdisciplinary views and global perspectives, this session seeks to explore the transformation, utilization, and manipulation of religiosity and piety during and after periods of conquest in the Middle Ages.

Please send abstracts of 200-250 words to Sarah L. Reeser ( and Bridget Riley ( no later than September 1, 2014.