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CFP Museum Visitor Photography - Deadline: September 15th 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014 - 9:19pm
Museum Visitor Photography/ MuseumsEtc



Edited by Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert
(Cyprus University of Technology and 2014 Smithsonian Institution Fellow 

in Museum Studies)

We invite international submissions to be included in this forthcoming book to be published in colour by MuseumsEtc [www.museumsetc.com] in 2015.

With the development of photographic technologies and mobile devices billions of photographs are produced yearly in museums throughout the world with the number rising year by year. While museum visitors accumulate personal photographs from museum visits, the kind of photographs they produce, how, and for what reasons, is largely understudied.

Approaching Posthumanism and the Posthuman

Sunday, July 27, 2014 - 7:10pm
University of Geneva, University of Bern, CUSO

Approaching Posthumanism and the Posthuman
Conference and Doctoral Workshop
June 4-6, 2015 – St. Maurice, Switzerland

Keynote Speakers:
Cary Wolfe, Rice University
Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, George Washington University
Margrit Shildrick, Linköping University
Stefan Herbrechter, Coventry University

Deborah Madsen, Manuela Rossini, Kimberly Frohreich, and Bryn Skibo-Birney

War after War: Reflections on the legacy of WWI

Sunday, July 27, 2014 - 4:51pm
Politics. Rivista di Studi Politici

On 28 July 1914, an armed conflict began that would forever change the world, and the concept of war itself. The war rapidly extended, involving 28 countries and spreading to the entire world. At the closing of the conflict, on 11 November 1918, millions of people were dead and millions wounded.

Medieval Game Cultures - Kalamazoo 2015

Sunday, July 27, 2014 - 2:36am
Game Cultures Society

50th International Medieval Congress
Kalamazoo, MI
May 15-17, 2015

From tournaments and chess to gambling and jeux-partis, medieval games were prominent in cultural imaginations across Europe. Games constituted a popular aspect of leisure in the Middle Ages, but we have only recently seen a rise in scholarly interest among medievalists.

For this session at Kalamazoo, we seek papers that explore game phenomena in the Middle Ages, including historical trends, literature, and material artifacts, as constructs with cultural significance. Papers might address any of the following topics: