Hell Studies - Kzoo 2015

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Societas Daemonetica

Call for Papers: Hell Studies
50th International Congress on Medieval Studies (Kalamazoo), 14-17 May 2015

The Societas Daemonetica is seeking papers for our "Hell Studies" session at the 2015 ICMS.

Throughout the Middle Ages, the idea of Hell has haunted humanity. The hope of heaven and the fear of Hell have motivated the actions of kings, priests, and peasants alike, and left an indelible mark on medieval culture. The large body of scholarship on Hell and its place in the medieval world includes D. D. R. Owen and Eileen Gardiner's work on visions of Hell in medieval literature, Jacques Le Goff's studies of the formation of Hell and journeys to Hell, Jeffrey Burton Russell and Alain Boureau's work on Satan and devils in medieval theology, and Henry Ansgar Kelly's (a two-time presenter in Societas Daemonetica sessions) studies on Satan and exorcism. Despite the vast literature on Hell and related topics, many areas of the field remain unquestioned, particularly in regards to the interdisciplinary nature of the study of Hell and how Hell itself was understood throughout the Middle Ages. This session will provide a forum for new research into this diverse and important field, bringing together papers about the literature, theatre, art, and history of Hell, its residents, and its environment.

We at the Societas Daemonetica believe that the study of things diabolical provides an excellent stage for new, interesting, and interdisciplinary research. As such, we are looking for papers from any discipline (or disciplines) on any aspect of Hell, the devil, demons, damnation and the kinds of actions that warrant it.

Please submit an abstract of no more than 300 words and the Participant Information Form (http://www.wmich.edu/medieval/congress/submissions/index.html#PIF) to Nicole Ford Burley (nicole.ford.burley@gmail.com) by 15 September 2014.