KULTUR-e invites contributions

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The Cultural Studies Association of Turkey
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The Cultural Studies Association of Turkey is pleased to announce the launch of KULTUR-e, a refereed open access journal which will publish scholarly research on cultural studies, as well as work related to the cultures of Turkey and Turks throughout the world. We invite colleagues to submit contributions in written, audial and/or visual form.

KULTUR-e will be published aperiodically, and all published material will remain available online along with commentaries or discussions to be submitted subsequently by readers and viewers.

Notices regarding the content of the published material will be made in bülten (www.kulturad.org/index.php?bulten), the semiannual newsletter of the association;
and in "bilimselHaber" (bilimselhaber@kulturad.org), the electronic network of the association, distributed to approximately 1500 recipients.

Editors: Annedith Schneider and Çimen Günay-Erkol