Ethical Pedagogy for the Impoverished: Schools Without Walls.

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Open Windows: A feminist resoruce center.
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Open Windows, a feminist resource centre, ( is looking for essays which will look at the notion of ethical pedagogy. The collection will be published by Lies and Big Feet ( For more, please email: or

Even though the specific examples that are cited here are based on government schools in India, that are perpetually short of funds, the theoretical findings should become pedagogical moments which can be relevant for all societies. How can educationists devise course structures that will allow children from impoverished backgrounds to be educated despite the obvious shortcomings? And most importantly, how can rich societies and schools learn from them?

The biggest advantage that children in rural India have is their environment and easy access to certain aspects of local culture which would include a lifestyle that is still not over-determined and over-dependant on corporate institutions and technology. A few topics that can be considered are the following:

1.Re-educating the teacher: how to teach by using the environment as a tool.
2.How to engage with gender-social issues so that gender parity is taught from the school.
3.How to teach students to be custodians of their culture (which would include oral narratives, dance forms, religious rituals, languages, etc.) which is fast disappearing.