"'Hysteria Beyond Freud': Nineteenth-Century Nerves" -- Due September 30, 2014; Conference April 30-May 3, 2015

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NeMLA 2015

Showalter's definition of the fin de siècle as the 'golden age of hysteria' in her seminal work, The Female Malady, bolstered late-twentieth-century theory and criticism's association between 'hysteria' and European fin de siècle culture and medicine. Literary critics, historians, and cultural theorists are reopening the discussion of 'hysteria' and, in effect, shifting our understandings of its role in gender ideology, literary form, and politics beyond the turn of the century. This roundtable takes up the title of the authoritative, cultural history, Hysteria Beyond Freud, in order to foster and take part in this new discussion. By inviting redefinitions of hysteria through the modes of art, medical texts, and literature of the long nineteenth century this roundtable would seek to showcase new work and where we are with 'hysteria studies' today.

Presenters may explore the intersection of hysteria with the national body, gender ideology, form or genre, political affinity, iconic cultural discourses, etc. Please submit 300-400 word abstracts through NeMLA website.