[UPDATE] Nature, Ecology, and America's Founding Fathers (Deadline 08 September 2014)

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Society of Early Americanists/Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture
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Call for Papers: SEA/OIEAHC Joint Conference (Chicago, IL; June 18-21, 2015)

Nature, Ecology, and America's Founding Fathers

From Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanack and Thomas Jefferson's Notes on the State of Virginia to George Washington's Mount Vernon compost boxes and John Adams's Peacefield orchards, America's Founding Fathers interacted with the natural world not only as statesmen but also as surveyors, scientists, naturalists, gardeners, and farmers. This panel seeks papers that consider such interactions from both environmental and ecological perspectives. What were the individual and collective attitudes toward the natural world of America's Founding Fathers? In what ways do they resonate with contemporary environmental discourse and/or ecocritical practice? What perspectives do such readings contribute to broader interrogations of the entanglement between nature and everyday life in early America?

Papers that focus on a particular Founding Father as well as those that offer comparative studies are equally welcome – and papers that address the panel topic in hemispheric, transatlantic, and/or global contexts are particularly encouraged. Please send a one-page proposal and a one-page CV to Joshua Bartlett (jbartlett@albany.edu) by September 8, 2014.