World Lit Roundtable - NeMLA 2015, Toronto

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As 'World Literature' continues to move beyond traditionally conceived boundaries, how do we think of it as an object of study? What are some new methodologies, foci of study, literary self-conceptions, and interdepartmental or interdisciplinary possibilities for its teaching to undergraduates? This roundtable seeks to open a dialogue on these and other matters of teaching world literature beyond the boundaries. We invite papers on such topics as, broadly, conceiving of syllabi to constructing courses; classroom practices to departmental—and interdepartmental—efficacy instituting world literature course; and any other practice that extends 'world literature' past the more traditional boundaries.

Preference will be given to those discussants willing to share practical classroom pedagogies and experiences. Some ideas we'd like to consider (although others are encouraged as well):

• mythic questions and exile literatures
• the relationship of literature and cultural exchange
• linguistic limits of translation and transnational reading practices
• conceptualizations of specific national literatures (or sequences)
• 'comparative literature' and/into/plus 'world literature'


This roundtable seeks to explore new approaches to the teaching of world literature to college undergraduates, especially those in survey courses. How can we introduce students to traditional issues of national myths and exile in new and innovative ways? What are the boundaries of 'world literature' and how can we shape our syllabi and course goals to extend to exciting horizons beyond these limits? All 300-400 word abstracts to Michael Modarelli - NeMLA deadline: Sept. 30.