Wreck Park Journal Submission Deadline, Oct. 1st

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Wreck Park Journal
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A Journal of Interesting Fictions, Interested Criticism

Wreck Park is a double-blind, peer reviewed publication run out of Binghamton, New York. The journal publishes prose, poetry, criticism, and interviews, and is particularly interested in conceptual frameworks and developments that set to disrupt canonical and standardized discourses of the contemporary academic and literary landscapes. The journal welcomes authors, poets, researchers, and thinkers whose work reflects an interrogation of engendered norms and traditions within societies, cultures, intellectual circles, and beyond.

Wreck Park is inviting works of criticism, and – in keeping with an unbound sensibility – there is no preferred subject, location, time period, or theme for submission. Rather, we are looking for works that are invested – that is, interested – in the ongoing dismantling and reformulation of literary, critical-theoretical, and cultural studies. We seek works that explore the intersections between texts, critics, and modes of inquiry through their political, cultural, and ideological impacts; we look for scholars who politicize the aesthetic and aestheticize the political; and we favor those essays which are uncompromising in challenging margins and opening new frontiers in scholarship.

Submissions should be between 6,000 and 10,000 words and formatted according to MLA style guidelines.

The issue is set to be published electronically in December 2014. The deadline for submission is October 1st, 2014.

If interested, please send your article to the editor at wreckpark.criticism@gmail.com or general questions at wreckpark@gmail.com

For more information, visit the journal's official website at wreckparkjournal.com.


M. Heiligenthal
Criticism Editor
Wreck Park Literary Journal