ASECS, 19-22 March 2015 (LAX) - Landscape and Sensory Perception

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American Society for 18th-Century Studies
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ASECS 2015: Landscape and Sensory Perception - Roundtable Discussion

Denis Cosgrove's influential theory of landscape as a 'way of seeing' has profoundly influenced scholarship on eighteenth-century theories and representations of landscape. This panel seeks to interrogate the dominance of visuality as a category of analysis in discussions of landscape. The impact of empiricism on Western conceptions of land and its value, use, and management constitutes an important convergence of two of the century's most prominent preoccupations: land and perception. Yet visuality may not be the most important or interesting model with which to interpret landscape in the eighteenth century. This panel seeks to promote a dialogue among various sensory perceptions of the land—certainly the visual, but also the olfactory, the tactile, the aural, the 'tasted.' Possible topics include texts that interrogate the relative authority of one sense over another vis à vis landscape; the reliability of the sense(s); epistemological questions posed by empirical approaches to understanding or appreciating landscape, etc. In the spirit of including as many approaches as possible, we invite papers of no more than 10 minutes so that we can feature 5-6 speakers and then have ample time for discussion.

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