War, Remembered: 200 Years of Nostalgia and (Post)Memory (due 1 November 2014; U of Ottawa 30 May - 2 June 2015)

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Irene Mangoutas / ACCUTE
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Samuel Hynes identifies the Great War as "the great imaginative event": "not a falsification of reality, but […] the accepted interpretation of the war, repeated in texts written by authors who did not experience the war, but who inherited its myth." With the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War just behind us, and the bicentenary of the end of the Napoleonic Wars just ahead, this panel explores the ways in which the 'great wars' of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are (re)interpreted and (re)imagined, both by their contemporaries and, perhaps more pressingly, by ours. If the end of the Napoleonic Wars marks the beginning of what George Steiner calls the "Hundred Years Peace"; and the twentieth century systematically reverses this narrative with the atrocities of 1914-1945 and beyond; the legacy of the twenty-first century inherits this 'birthright' of increasingly globalized terror, at once remembered and anticipated.

It is with this inheritance of ubiquitous warfare that this panel engages. How is the Great War (or any other nineteenth or twentieth century conflict) re-imagined and re-signified in literature, film, and visual art? What is the Great War's relationship to the (post)memory of the Napoleonic Wars, or, conversely, to subsequent 'global wars' – notably, the Spanish Civil War and WWII? How do war memories evolve with each successive iteration: from immediate afterimages to remembrances fifty, 100, 200 years on? Possible topics include (but are not limited to) notions of nostalgia, memory, and post-memory; elegy and anti-elegy; spiritualism and commemoration; and nationalist vs. post-nationalist remembrances.

Please send a file containing a 300-500 word proposal, without personal identifying marks; a file containing a 100-word abstract and a 50-word biographical statement; and the 2015 Proposal Submissions Information Sheet available on the ACCUTE website (http://accute.ca/accute-conference/), to 21aim2@queensu.ca by 1 November 2014.