Women on the Wrong Side of History (ASECS 2015)

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Emily Kugler
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46th ASECS Annual Meeting Los Angeles, CA March 19-21, 2015

"Women on the Wrong Side of History?" Nicole M. Wright, U. of Colorado at Boulder and Emily M. N.Kugler; E-mail: nicole.wright@colorado.edu AND emnkugler@gmail.com

Building on past scholarship in recovery projects featuring female authors, and drawing on work in postcolonial and subaltern studies, this panel seeks new approaches to research on women who may be perceived as falling on "the wrong side of history." When we study contested sites of memory, such as the slave economies of the Atlantic or colonial South Asia, into whose histories are we intervening, and how do structural asymmetries continue to impede such negotiations, rendering common ground difficult to find? We seek a broad range of approaches, and welcome different formats and scholarly platforms (such as intersections with architecture, art history, historical musicology,history of science, law, digital humanities, network analysis, visual arts, music history, etc.).

Proposals for papers should be sent directly to the seminar chairs no later than 15 September 2014. Please include your telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address. You should also let the session chair know of any audio-visual needs and special scheduling requests. We actively encourage presentations by younger and untenured scholars. For more information, see the ASECS General Call for Papers: https://asecs.press.jhu.edu/general%20site/Posted%202015%20Call%20for%20...