A New Nation of Regions

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Carl Watts / ACCUTE
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This session seeks to create a dialogue among scholars focusing on regional, sub-regional, and urban writing in Canada. Canadian literature and critical approaches to it have long focused on large regions such as the Prairies and the coasts rather than the nation as a whole; more recently, however, there has been a shift toward provinces and smaller regions as well as specific urban areas. I welcome proposals on any of these formations, and I hope to discuss the relationships between newer and older regionalisms. For instance, does fragmentation into smaller areas challenge previous notions of region? Is a conception of Maritime writing such as David Creelman's enriched or undermined by analyses of Cape Breton literature? Can recent studies of Newfoundland writing contribute to larger notions of Atlantic Canadian literature, or do these only mark the province as a new particularity? Does recent work on urban space in representations of Toronto or Vancouver depend on these cities' locations, or do multiculturalism and population density emerge as defining factors?

Please send a 400-word proposal, 100-word abstract, 50-word biographical statement, and the 2015 Proposal Submission Information Sheet (available at http://accute.ca/accute-conference/) to 11cw18@queensu.ca by November 1, 2014.