Call for abstracts for panel discussion at Northeast Modern Languages Association Convention 2015

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Lynn McGovern, PhD, Merrimack College
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Call for abstracts for a Panel discussion to take place at the 2015 Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) annual Convention.

In late April 2015, NeMLA will meet in Toronto, Ontario for this event. This Convention affords NeMLA's principal opportunity to carry on a tradition of lively research and pedagogical exchange in language and literature. The convention will include a full array of sessions, workshops, literary readings, film screenings, and guest speakers.

Panel Title:
Beyond the Virtual Bubble: Toward an Embodied Intercultural Discourse

Panel details:
This panel will address the value of actual multicultural experience at home and overseas and why the lack of it threatens to hold students back in their careers. Topics include: technological interconnections vs. actual experience in a foreign country; crosscultural experiences and individual responsibility for setting and achieving goals based on needs in each context; integration of cultural studies in the classroom with experiential learning in multicultural contexts to create mutually beneficial opportunities for growth and understanding.

Convention categories: "Interdisciplinary Humanities", "Pedagogy & Professional"

Panel Participants:
Session Chair: Lynn McGovern (will present the introductory paper)
2-3 other presenters
Submission Details:
All submissions must be received by midnight on September 30th.
All who submit an abstract will be notified by Oct 20th of their abstract status.
Abstracts should be 500 words.

Please include in your abstract:
Your presentation title.
A brief presenter bio, including current position/work and specific study abroad experiences.
A clear initial statement of how the proposed presentation addresses the issues raised for this panel.
For the program(s) being highlighted :
1. action research questions with intended learning outcomes
2. examples illustrating inter-disciplinary balance of technology & 'real life' details – what has worked and what hasn't
3. A concluding statement tying examples as presented back into the panel topics

To submit your abstract: NeMLA has a user-friendly online submission process on their Convention webpage. You will need to create a login/account, which is free.
Use this direct link to the panel session and to submit your abstract:

For more information on the panel, contact session chair:
For more information on NEMLA & the Convention, visit:
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