Publication 'Crime Uncovered: Anti-heroes' 300 word proposal by 1/10/14 (full papers January 2015)

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Rebecca Stewart/Bath Spa University
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This collection of essays will focus on the anti-heroes of Crime Fiction in order to give readers a greater insight into these characters. It will look at worldwide literature, including UK, Europe and the US. This insight will give readers a deeper understanding of the anti-heroes and examine how aspects of characterisation, methodology, social context and morality make up these protagonists.

The anti-hero is not a new literary development and part of the thesis of this book is to examine the development of the anti-hero in Crime Fiction.The chapters will be grouped thematically, mixing the popular and iconic anti-heroes, past and present, with those who readers will discover through this volume. For example, 'private' and individual anti-heroes such as Tom Ripley, could form one section of the volume. Those working within law enforcement and related social structures such as Dexter Morgan or Lou Ford will form another section. The separation of sections in this is way will allow the volume to examine the specifics of the anti-hero's status and actions within a variety of familial and social structures.

We are looking for essays that are both of academic importance and presented in a way that is both accessible and of interest to the general reading public and serious Crime Fiction fans. One of the most interesting and fruitful aspects of the broad 'umbrella' genre of Crime Fiction is the extent to which the general reader doesn't feel excluded from their enjoyment, as is the case in areas traditionally labelled as 'serious fiction.' Part of our intention in this volume is to make sure that we 'speak' to the general reader. Indeed, one of the main questions that we will pose throughout is that of the nature of the enjoyment of all readers (academic or otherwise) when it comes to Crime Fiction. What is it about the anti-hero that makes us root for him/her, despite our conscious revulsion at some of their actions?

Individual essays focussing on the following anti-heroes could include, but are not limited to:

Patricia Highsmith's Tom Ripley
Stieg Larson's Lisbeth Salander
Jeff Lindsay's Dexter Morgan (link to TV series)
Walter White Breaking Bad
Jim Thomson's Lou Ford
Pascal Garnier's Gabriel
Rust Cole in True Detective
Tony Soprano in The Sopranos

This book is already in contract with Intellect Publishing (

Please send 300 word proposal to Dr Fiona Peters ( and Dr Rebecca Stewart ( by 1 October 2014.
The full papers of 4000/5000 words will be due by the end of January 2015 (due to be published September 2015).