Wreck Park Literary Journal calling for creative writing submissions

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Wreck Park: A Journal of Interesting Literature and Interested Criticism

Wreck Park is a double-blind, peer reviewed publication run out of Binghamton, New York. The journal publishes prose, poetry, criticism, and interviews, and is particularly interested in conceptual frameworks and developments that set to disrupt standardized discourses in the contemporary academic and literary landscapes. The journal welcomes both academic and independent authors and researchers whose work reflects an interrogation of engendered norms within societies, cultures, intellectual circles, and so on.

Wreck Park is inviting works of prose—short fiction, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, creative essay, etc.—for its first issue (issue [0]), which is set to be published electronically in December 2014. In keeping with an unrestricted sensibility, there is no minimum or maximum word count, though works over 15,000 words, if accepted, will be considered for serialization. The journal only accepts electronic submissions, which can be sent to prose.wreckpark@gmail.com. The submission period runs from 1 July through 31 October. To ensure a blind submission process, we ask that works be stripped of any and all references to author names, addresses, or institutions.

Any questions or concerns may be sent to wreckpark@gmail.com.