452ºF CFP: Chinese imaginary in other literatures (January 31st 2015)

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452°F Journal of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature
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CFP for the thirteenth issue of the 452°F Journal of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature. The monographic section will bring together a body of texts dealing with "Chinese imaginary in other literatures: inspiration, appropriation and intertextuality". A non-comprehensive list of possible topics is:

a) Appropriations of China for literary and ideological agendas.
b) The Chinese exotic as literary trigger.
c) Imaginary geographies and ethnographies of China.
d) China in literary experimentalism and theoretical rupturism.
e) Translation and mistranslation in literary works.
f) Chinese language and poetic avant-gardes.
g) China in the imagination of gender: feminization and subalternization.
h) China and the imperial fantasy.
i) China and Chinese diasporas in non-Asian literatures.

Deadline for submissions is January 31st 2015. Articles for publication should be sent to redaccion@452f.com. 452°F is also accepting book reviews for a section of the journal devoted to newly published books.