Call for Articles: Canadian Literature/Culture Collective Monograph

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Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic


Articles are sought for an upcoming collective monograph on a wide range of topics covering Canadian Literature and/or Culture. The range of topics is included below. At least one (or more of the following), with a focus on Canadian identity, should be addressed:

What is Culture? Does it exist?
Teaching Culture: Place of Cultural Studies within the Humanities
Researching Culture: Approaches, Challenges, Directions
Global / National / Local Culture
Private / Public Sphere and Culture
Popular / Highbrow / Lowbrow / Nobrow Culture
Digital Media and Culture
Virtual Culture
History, Tradition, Memory
Culture and Progress
Culture and Diaspora
Immigration, Assimilation, Diversity
Postcolonial Culture and Hybrid Identity
Globalization and Culture
Trauma, Experience, Consciousness
City / Country / Suburb / Wilderness / Nature
Landscape and Culture: Interactions / Reflections
Cultural Studies and Science: Intersections / Differences
Boundaries, Margins, Centers
Race, Gender, Class, Identity

Submissions should not be previously published elsewhere, a minimum of 3,000 words long (including notes and bibliography), there is no upper length limit (although articles longer than 10,000 words should be consulted first). Please include a one-paragraph abstract, a short CV (maximum 100 words), and keywords. In the case of literature articles, the use of close reading is encouraged along with the use of critical theory. Please avoid using any pictures, graphs and tables. Make sure that your quotations fall within the fair use range. The articles should be submitted in MS-Word .doc or .rtf, 12 size font, and should conform to the Chicago Manual of Style (notes, bibliography).

Please send submissions to dr. Jiri Flajsar (Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic) at:

Article theme queries are also encouraged.

Article Submission Deadline: November 30, 2014.

The monograph will be peer-reviewed. It will be published by Palacký University Press in spring 2015.