ATHE Dramaturgy Focus Group Graduate Student Paper/Panel Match-Making - ATHE 2015 Conference

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ATHE Dramaturgy Focus Group

ATHE Dramaturgy Focus Group Graduate Student Match-Making
Call For Papers / Panel Ideas
Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) 2015 Conference
July 30-August 2, 2015, Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Conference Theme:
Je Me Souviens / I Remember

Quebec's simple but provocative motto, which is not without controversy over interpretation, caught our imagination — both metaphorically and geographically. It invokes thoughts of remembering — remembering theatre at its best, when its immediacy and humanness is embraced, remembering our past and how it points to the future, and remembering our power to instigate change.

As most of our members will cross the national border of Canada and the provincial border of Quebec—which is recognized as a nation within Canada, and onto territory claimed by the First Nations Iroquois people, "Je me souviens" can be defined by considerations of place as well. Issues of country/isolation/assimilation that began in Phoenix, as well as acts of revolt/revolution, quiet and otherwise, give rise to consideration of the silences, the unsaid, the gestures, the sub-text, the dangers, the misunderstandings, the non-discursive in the "in-between" terrain between cultures, countries, and constituencies in Canada and beyond. Building on this, we can also embrace inter/trans-national and inter/trans-cultural exchanges in performance texts, process, or production.

Attention ATHE graduate students--

If you are:

1. Interested in getting involved in the 2015 ATHE Dramaturgy Focus Group
2. Have an idea for a paper that fits the theme of Je Me Souviens / I Remember for 2015 ATHE
3. Have an idea for a panel that fits within the theme of 2015 ATHE

The graduate student reps for the Dramaturgy Focus Group would like to invite you to send us your ideas!

In order to encourage more graduate student involvement in 2015 ATHE, we would like to help:

1. Match grad students with panels of similar themes or interests
2. Create grad student panels based on similar themes or interests

Please send your paper or panel ideas to Will Palmer at by no later than Wednesday, October 15. We will get back to you by October 27 with your suggested matches so that you can finalize and submit your proposals for ATHE 2015. See you in Montreal!

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Laura Farrell-Wortman, Matt McMahan, and Will Palmer
Graduate Student Representatives for Dramaturgy Focus Group, ATHE