Make Contact: Circulating Small and Micro Press Poetry in Canada (ACCUTE 2015; due November 1)

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ACCUTE 2015 (University of Ottawa)

The history of small and micro presses in Canada is, in part, an exploration of creative modes of distributing literature. Many of these presses extend the modernist injunction to "make it new" to modes of publishing and to modes of distribution. In Cerberus (1952), the first title from Contact Press and a pivotal publication in Canadian small press, Raymond Souster declares, "the big thing is to get it across, 'make contact'" (75). Making contact for small and micro presses often requires navigating the space between writer and reader in new and creative ways. We seek papers that ask how small and micro press literature has been distributed, historically and in our contemporary moment. How does it circulate, recirculate, accrue economic and cultural value, and become collected? Where does it resist distribution, and where does it invent new circulation models? Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

• Gift Economies
• Public Readings and Performance
• Subscription and Private Circulation
• Movement of Ephemera
• Street Bookselling
• Independent Booksellers
• Small Press and/or Antiquarian Book Fairs
• International Distribution
• Use of Broadcast Media
• Library and Archival Collection
• Social Media and Online Distribution

Please send the following (as specified on the ACCUTE web site, A file containing a 300-500 word proposal, without personal identifying marks; A file containing a 100 word abstract and a 50 word biographical statement; the 2015 Proposal Submissions Information Sheet (available on the ACCUTE website).

Send submission to Cameron Anstee ( and Colin Martin (