Food and Sustainability: Towards a Culinary Ecology, NeMLA April 2015

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North East Modern Language Association
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Interest in the fields of food and sustainability studies within the humanities is rapidly growing, in part due to their ability to investigate our perceived relationship with ecology. Food is a text that conveys identity, reflecting historically grounded or socially constructed attitudes through what is produced and consumed, both gastronomic and printed. Likewise, the connection between nature and culture as manifested in narratives allow us to recognize the discourse and disconnect between society and our environment, marking us through this relationship. Central to both fields is the interplay of humanity and environment, depicted in rural and urban ecologies, e.g. food deserts versus urban food jungles. We're seeking abstracts that engage with the intersection of food and sustainability studies that address questions such as:

How are food and place at play in texts?

How are cosmopolitan or rural landscape portrayed in "eco" or "gastronomic" memoirs?

How are food and ecology intertwined?

How is the kitchen represented as space in which sustainable practices are negotiated?

What is the relationship between food blogging and other highly visual online recipe sources and our ways of engaging with our digital and material environments? In what way could these practices be viewed as constitutive of modern identity?

Abstracts of 250 words should be submitted by September 30, 2014. To submit an abstract, go directly to the session link: