Have We Ever Been Normal? Taiwan STS Conference in March 2015

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Taiwan Science, Technology, and Society Association
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Call for Papers: Annual Meeting of the Taiwan STS Association

Hosts: Taiwan STS Association and Academia Sinica

Dates: 26-28 March 2015

Venue: Conference I, Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei

Theme: Normal vs. Abnormal: Have We Ever Been Normal?

In response to various practical needs, lines to define normal or abnormal have been plotted in fields of medicine, science, and even daily life. A universal definition, however, is difficult to uncover in the long history and social transformation of the human race. This meeting of the Taiwan Science, Technology, and Society (STS) Association is an opportunity to participate in the critical analysis of what is considered normal and what is believed to be abnormal through an examination of contemporary social issues, historical narratives, and modern technology. The focus of conference is the instability of the dichotomy of normal vs. abnormal and reveal how the definition is dependent on specific times and spaces.

For this conference, I am organizing English-language panels related to "normal vs. abnormal," particularly with regard to (1) medicine, (2) new/social media, and (3) agriculture. Individual papers related to the conference theme or other topics relevant to STS are welcome. In addition, preformatted panels of 3 to 4 papers linked by a topic chosen by the organizer may be submitted. Although the primary language of the conference and the association is Chinese, the organizers are interested in adding English-language papers and panels to foster international dialogue and collaboration. Full papers, working papers and oral presentations are all acceptable. Papers or theses of graduate students are welcome after appropriate revision.

Please submit an abstract of 500 words by October 19, 2014 to Chris Leslie (chris.leslie@nyu.edu) for inclusion in an English-language panel. These will be forwarded to the conference organizers for consideration. The results of the peer review of abstracts will be announced by the Taiwan STS Association on or about 20 November 2014. Full papers must be submitted by 5 pm CST on 14 March 2015. Contact 2015ststw@gmail.com with general questions about the conference.