After Nature: Feminist Futures, March 26th to 29th, 2015, Seattle, WA

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American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting
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The deconstruction of categories of animal, human, and cybernetic organisms has led to wholesale rethinking of corporeal futures and agential action. Likewise, the increase of information-based interactions refigures interactivity in ways which seem to subvert embodied expectation. At these removes, who is an agential actor, and what are the borders of her presence? What are the frontiers of imagining embodied futures?

This seminar invites papers developing feminist analyses of speculative futures, whether static, dystopic, or new. The seminar seeks to build collaborative arrays of methods and examples for thinking through evolution and teleology, difference and duration, and stasis and the event in order to parse or precipitate these speculative futures. The impact and effects of feminist thought on speculative subjects thus forms the central core of this seminar's interdisciplinary inquiry. Interactions with theoretical discussions of optimism, queer time, and/or teleologies of failure, although not necessary, would be welcomed.

Papers are invited on (but not limited to): explorations of gendered consequences to humanitarian interventions, feminist analyses of speculative texts, queering analyses of canonical texts, ramifications of analyzing gender in conflict narratives, methodologies of queer analyses for ecological futures or biographical narratives.

Please submit all paper proposals by October 15th, 2014 at