Call for Papers: Coreopsis Journal Spring/Summer 2015: Traditional Peoples: Otherworld Journeys

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Coreopsis; A Journal of Myth & Theatre

Spring/Summer 2015: Traditional Peoples: Otherworld Journeys

Publication date: June 29, 2015

Abstract Deadline: March 1/Paper Deadline April, 18 2015/Deadline for final version: May 15, 2015

Peer Reviewed. Independently Published 2X yearly. Never for Profit.

I am a wind on sea, I am Ocean wave, I am Roar of sea... (Rees, p 98)

The music, dance, performance and story-art: the living philosophy of the traditions of the indigenous peoples of this earth.

Subjects under consideration but not limited to:

*Alafia! The Afro-Caribbean Diaspora: Santeria, Voudoun, Candomblé
*Traditional Peoples' of the Americas vanishing stories: reconstruction, preservation, and the issues of appropriation
*Climbing the World Tree: The matter of the Shamans of Siberia.
*Otherworld Journeys: Dreams - Hallucinations - Psychotropics
*Emerging traditions: Modern neo-shamanic work
*Influences of the shamanic traditions in popular music and art
*Amergin's Heritage: Bards, Ollam, Ovate: the ancient Celtic peoples' past and the late 19th & mid-20th century reemergence of the Druid traditions

Paper Queries and Submissions should be fully prepared and sent to "submissions" as an msword.doc attachment. Please review the "submission guidelines" before submitting:

Editors and Artist in Residence:

Editor: Lezlie A. Kinyon, Ph.D.
Artist in Residence (2015): Ivan Szendro (
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