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Literature Compass

Literature Compass invites contributions for a special issue on emotions and feelings in the Middle Ages.

We are seeking submissions that treat medieval emotions and feelings from a variety of cultures and literatures. Submissions may be concerned with issues such as
- literary descriptions of emotional states; the meanings and significations of emotions
- the engagement of the audience's emotions; affective literacy; mediated emotions
- methodological and archival challenges in approaching emotions in the Middle Ages
- rhetorics, languages and social conventions concerning the emotions and medieval definitions of emotion; medieval conventions of 'interiority' or 'subjectivity'
- communal events and processes (for example, liturgy, drama, pilgrimage) involving emotional engagement and response; social consequences of emotional performance
- the critical history of medieval emotions, and the post-medieval discussion of emotion in medieval culture; continuities and discontinuities between medieval and post-medieval emotions
- the relationship between emotions and the body in medieval culture

Inquiries and Proposals should be sent to both editors of the special issue by:
December 1, 2014 (later inquiries are acceptable provided the article submission deadline will be honored)

Article submissions by: March 1, 2015

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