Technoculture Volume 5 (2015) Open Topic

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Technoculture: An Online Journal of Technology in Society
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For this open topic issue of Technoculture (Vol. 5, 2015), we seek creative works that use new media and/or are on the subject of technology, and essays from a broad a range of academic disciplines that focus on cultural studies of technology. Essays we publish examine the topic technology and society, or, perhaps, technologies and societies. This is an open topic issue and we encourage a broad definition of technology.Topics could include depictions of technologies that treat a wide range of subjects related to the social sciences and humanities.

As a journal, we are interested in a conception of technology and the humanist impulse that pushes beyond contemporary American culture and its fascination with computers; we seek papers that deal with any technology or technologies in any number of historical periods from any relevant theoretical perspective. You may visit us at

Topics might include:

  • The use of technology by youth, especially beyond or other than their use of social media
  • The use of technology by older individuals, especially beyond or other than their use of social media
  • The access problem today
  • Medical issues and technologies
  • Intellectual property concerns, especially patents and trademarks, and in different historical moments
  • Literary and cinematic descriptions of technology in any historical period such as Bellamy's Looking Backward
  • Use of technology by minorities or from non-Western perspectives
  • Game studies (especially in the form of or delivered via playable online games)
  • Music, theater, and other plastic arts and the use of technology by artists
  • Sound and silence, and especially noise, the latter especially in positive senses and applications
  • Alternative forms of print texts and especially of "books"
  • Work and labor issues
  • Leisure
  • Other creative works, especially those that use video or audio in new or exciting ways

For a special section, we also are soliciting personal narratives of learning, using, and abandoning technology/technologies, but these MUST demonstrate the use of the given technology/gies or demonstrate why you left that/those technology/gies behind, by use of video or audio, such as playthroughs. No print essays accepted for this special section.

In our fifth year, generally, we would like to move beyond print texts delivered virtual means though we do not insist on native hypertexts or extended use of media.

We are not interested in "how to" pedagogical papers that deal with the use of technology in the classroom. PLEASE do not inquire about pedagogical essays.

We will publish scholarly/critical papers in a citation style appropriate to the home disciplines of the authors (MLA or APA preferred), but creative works including poetry and creative non-fiction are of interest to us. We will publish art work and especially media designed for display/dissemination on a computer monitor including still images, video or audio; we also publish well-made documentation of installations.

Inquiries are welcome at

Technoculture is published continuously; we will accept submissions for Volume 5 (2015) between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015.

Authors of all materials are welcome to submit abstracts and inquiries for critical works, creative works and reviews.