"Transgressions," Illinois State University, April 17th [Proposals due Jan 1st]

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Word's Worth English Studies Graduate Committee
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Word's Worth Call for Proposals
The Word's Worth Committee at Illinois State University invites graduate students to submit proposals for the ISU Word's Worth Conference to be held on Friday, April 17th, 2015. All proposals may be submitted through our online form at ISUWordsWorth.com no later than January 15th, 2015.

Although proposals on all topics related to English Studies are welcome, we especially encourage proposals that address the 2015 Conference theme, "Transgressions." This theme can be considered in the form of the crossing of borders (geopolitical, linguistic, cultural, ethical), circulations through or circumventions of boundary states, the perturbation, violation or abolishment of regulating functions, or the exploration of the forbidden, the taboo, the unethical or the criminal. Transgressions can also be considered as a revolutionary, generative force, the frontier location of codeswitching, hybridization, and the repurposing of genres. Transgressions both inflict trauma and emerge out of it.

We invite full- and part-time graduate students from every area of English Studies and all related humanities fields to submit proposals. Those who engage some form of transgressive artistic work are invited to share the results of and insights gained from their recent projects, perform a creative work, share research, and/or reflective experiences as well. Work presented in languages other than English, or multi-lingual presentation will also be considered.

Conference presentations can be proposed in one of two formats:
15-minute presentation (maximum 2 presenters)
50-minute panel presentation (at least 3 and no more than 5 presenters)

Through our online form at ISUWordsWorth.com, please submit a brief biography for each presenter (max 150 words) and an abstract for the presentation (max 250 words for single presentation, 500 words for panel.) Alternately, you may e-mail the chairman of the scholarship committee jdrient (at) illinoisstate (dot) edu with your proposal. For e-mailed proposals, please attach two separate pages: (1) cover sheet including your name(s), presentation title, e-mail address, brief bio, and technology needs; and (2) your abstract (250 or 500 words) with the presentation title but no other identifying information. E-mailed proposals must be submitted electronically as a shared google doc or an attachment in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format by January 1st.