CfP: Gender and the Erotic

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Gender Forum: An Internet Journal for Gender Studies

In the cultural imagination, expressions of the erotic – sex, desire, relationships – are intrinsically linked to gender. Female gender stereotypes are often based in ideas about sexual behavior, from the lustful Jezebel who preys on innocent men to the sexually passive Angel in the House who endures sexuality for the sake of procreation. Similarly, behavior in sexual encounters is often strictly scripted based on gender, with "rules" on everything from who makes the first move to who gets to be on top. Representations of the erotic are also plagued by double standards: not only are women encouraged to be sexually available only to be disparaged for being "too" available, but which behaviors are culturally acceptable also differs widely between the genders. And in all of this, the queer erotic is marginalized or silenced entirely.

In this issue of Gender Forum, we want to focus on representations of gender in erotic films or novels, or in the media. Possible topics may include:

* Sexual Stereotypes of men and/or women
* Women in erotic literature/film
* 50 Shades of Grey/"mommy porn"
* Slut Shaming
* Pornography
* Representations of the queer/LGBT erotic
* Sexual Violence
* Heteronormativity in representations of sexuality

(Publication date: December 2014)

Articles should conform to the MLA style with a length of 5,000-8,000 words. Please include a bio-blurb and an abstract.

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Editorial Assistance
Laura-Marie von Czarnowsky, MA
Sarah Youssef, MA