Sequels, Serials, and Remakes: Recycling Fictions in the Fantastic Sphere

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College of St. Joseph
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Repetitive narratives are at the heart of popular fantastic culture; we need look no further than the many sequels of _Friday the 13th_ or the serialization of the early 20th-century French villains Fantomas as evidence. With this repetitive pattern as an organizing principle, the College of St. Joseph is seeking presenters for its 4th annual popular culture conference, held April 10-11th in Rutland, VT. Papers can explore any of the repeating manifestations of fantasy/horror/science fiction in popular culture: film, television, novels, pulp magazines, or other medium. Topics for the presentations are equally as inclusive: everything from close readings of _Seed of Chucky_ to stylometric analysis to cultural discussion of fan sequels are encouraged. Some ideas for presentations [this list is not exhaustive]:

Comics as a site of narrative recycling
Authorship questions in pulp narratives
Economic drives in 19th-century popular sequels
PG-13 remakes: _Nightmare on Elm Street_ and _Friday the 13th_ in the 21st century
The aesthetics of repetitive narratives
The pedagogy of serials: teaching serialized fiction
Exploitation movies as manufactured sequels
The children of Cthulhu: August Derleth, Brian Lumley, and Guillermo Del Toro
Assault on the Slave Lords' Pocketbooks: Dungeons and Dragons modules as organized consumption

Undergraduate, graduate students, faculty, and independent scholars are welcomed, as are innovative or collaborative presentations.

200-300 word abstracts should be send to by Dec 1st.