The Melville Society -- Melville's Money: American Literature Association 26th Annual Conference Boston May 21-24, 2015

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The Melville Society (Contact: Andrew Kopec)
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The Melville Society: Melville's Money
American Literature Association
21-24 May 2015
Boston, MA

This panel seeks proposals for papers exploring the status of money, broadly conceived, in and across Herman Melville's works. All approaches welcome, from (to name just a few) biographical accounts of "dollars damn[ing]" Melville, to historicist work with Melville and industrial capitalism, to new formalist accounts of his textual economies, to transtemporal and/or transnational reception studies of Melville and his works as symbolic currency (Melville as money). Please send one-page CVs and 250-500 word abstracts by 20 December 2014 to Andrew Kopec (