Breaking Futures: Imaginative (Re)visions of Time

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Hosted by the Graduate Students of the IU Department of English

Call For Proposals: "Breaking Futures: Imaginative (Re)visions of Time"
We are issuing a Call for Proposals for scholarly and creative submissions for an international, interdisciplinary graduate student conference entitled "Breaking Futures: Imaginative (Re)visions of Time," to be held at Indiana University, Bloomington on March 26-28, 2015. Join us for the 13th annual conference hosted by the graduate students of the IU Department of English.

Conceptualizations of the future can simultaneously direct and disrupt the way we live, work, and plan for what's next. "Breaking Futures" invites scholars from the humanities, sciences, education, law, and public health to explore the diverse meanings of the future across texts, methodologies, and time periods. How do some futures "break" by intruding on the present? How are others "broken:" interrupted, reformed, or altogether destroyed? Why do some futures disappear while others become ubiquitous? What generates our expectations, fears, and hopes about the future, and how do these affects change over time? How do genre, discipline, and methodology impact representations of, expectations for, and prescience regarding the future? What do local, national, and global futures look like from the vantage point of higher education's shifting landscape?

We invite proposals for individual papers as well as panels organized by topic. We also welcome the interaction of scholarly and creative work within papers or panels.

Please submit (both as an attachment AND in the body of the email) an abstract of no more than 250 words along with a few personal details (name, institutional affiliation, degree level, email, and phone number) by December 15th, 2014, to Below are some suggestions for possible topics affiliated with our conference theme. This list is by no means exhaustive, and we welcome submissions engaged with other subject matters.

 Futurescapes
 Biological & environmental futurism
 Deep time
 The longue durée
 The anthropocene
 Periodization and periodic/epistemic breaks
 Post-raciality/black pessimism
 Afrofuturism
 Queer futurity
 Disabled futurity & crip time
 Reproductive futurity
 Techno-futurism
 Transhumanism
 Post-feminism/structuralism/colonialism/modernism/humanism/gender
 Science fiction & cyberpunk
 Retrofuturism
 Memory & dreams
 Eschatology
 Premeditation
 Political revolution & reform
 Monumentalization
 Social-scientific projection & mathematical modeling
 The future of the university
 Digital humanities
 Utopias & dystopias
 Optimism & pessimism