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University of Brighton

A two-day conference exploring issues of complicity, organised by the University of Brighton's Understanding Conflict: Forms & Legacies of Violence research cluster.

Tuesday 31st March – Wednesday 1st April 2015
University of Brighton, UK

Call for Abstracts

The problem of complicity is a longstanding feature of everyday moral experience, and yet comparatively little work focuses explicitly on it. Furthermore, in an increasingly neo-liberal world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid complicity both in its creation of a particular model of the person and with its attendant demands on how we live, on what we do and do not do and on how we think. If Georgio Agamben is right to insist that 'Today's man … has become blind not to his capacities but to his incapacities, not to what he can do but to what he cannot, or can not, do' ('On what we can not do', Nudities, 2011, p.44), then complicity is taking centre stage in our everyday lives. It thus requires our attention in terms both of practice and of theorization.

This conference will seek to begin that work.