[UPDATE] Pippi to Ripley3/ITHACON40: Women & Gender in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Comics. Ithaca College; May 1-2, 2015

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Katharine Kittredge/Ithaca College English Department
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Keynote Speaker: Bruce Coville (children's fantasy author)
Special Guest: Laura Lee Gulledge (YA graphic novelist)
Guiding Spirit: Marleen Barr, Founding Mother of Feminist Science Fiction Criticism

Pippi to Ripley 3 is an interdisciplinary conference with a focus on women and gender in science fiction and fantasy. We invite papers devoted to imaginative representation in all media: comics, films, television, and video games as well as in folklore, Children's, Young Adult, and adult-directed literature.

This year we are partnering with ITHACON, one of the longest-running comic book conventions in North America. Events will include academic and fan-based panels, workshops for educators and librarians, a science fiction/fantasy trivia contest, and activities for children ages 5-18. Admission to ITHACON and its related events is free.

Published authors and illustrators of fantasy, science fiction, or comics who are interested in selling their work at ITHACON should contact Katharine Kittredge at kkittredge@ithaca.edu.

Appropriate topics for conference papers may include, but are not limited to:
•Young female and queer characters, especially in media for young adults and children (The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Song of the Lioness, His Dark Materials, The Runaways, Power Pack)
•Women and their place in futuristic or other worlds (Dystopic Fiction, Classic Science Fiction, Fantasy Worlds, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Firefly)
•Female and queer protagonists in urban fantasy and paranormal romance (Buffy, Anita Blake, Sookie Stackhouse, Clary Fray)
•Gender politics after the apocalypse (Revolution, Falling Skies, Oryx and Crake, Y: The Last Man)
•Teaching imaginative fictive/offering imaginative fiction-based programming at all levels (Buffy-based courses; graphic novel units, YA dystopias, children's fantasy)
•Female and queer characters in updated/adapted fairy tales (Once Upon a Time, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Snow White and the Huntsman, Grimm)
•The women of superhero films/television with a special focus on differently abled and gender non-conforming characters (Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agents of SHIELD, Arrow)
•Female-focused comic book series (New 5, Batgirl and Wonder Woman, Marvel NOW! X-Men)
•Horrific women and women in horror (American Horror Story, Lamia, Carrie, Mama)
•Science fiction and reproductive body horror (Alien franchise, Twilight, Bloodchild)
•Cyberpunk and the redefinition of gender (William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Charles Stross)

Please send a 300-500 word abstract by January 15, 2015, to Katharine Kittredge, Ithaca College, Department of English, kkittredge@ithaca.edu.