Call for Undergraduate Work on the Arts

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Queen City Writers journal
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Queen City Writers, a refereed journal of undergraduate writing and multimedia composing, seeks submissions that relate to the arts for an upcoming issue. "The arts," loosely interpreted, refers to music, dance, visual arts such as drawing and painting, theater and film, and so on.

Possible questions and issues to consider include, but are not limited to: What comparisons exist between writing and other forms of artistic composition? How do artists form and communicate as discourse communities? How has digital composing impacted writing as an art form? How does/has one become literate in an art? Can art forms be analyzed rhetorically? In addition to critical essays based on research, students might consider submitting analyses of artistic compositions, multimedia compositions (video, audio, digital) exploring an art or issue related to the arts, and narratives connecting experiences with an art or the arts.

For a full explanation of our focus and submission guidelines, please see: Submissions to this call will be accepted through December.