Coldnoon Diaries: Dec 2014 Chapter (Call For Submissions)

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Coldnoon: Travel Poetics (International Journal of Travel Writing)
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Call for December 2014 chapter of Coldnoon Diaries. Rolling submissions. No deadline. Poetry/Nonfiction/Review/Opinion/Photo-essay/Travelogue/Experimental academic and non-academic writings/Sketches/Artworks

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Coldnoon: Travel Poetics has now been with you for over three years. In each issue we try to bring to you the most original poetry and theoretically rigorous academic work. Meanwhile, we receive many observations, opinions, travel diaries or short essays of sheer eloquence and beauty, which are invaluable to us, but which we cannot include in the journal due to formal considerations. We have therefore decided to come up with a new section called Diaries where we hope to include your most insightful thoughts and ramblings about travel, as well as records of everyday travel experiences, in a flexible format that allows plenty of room for creativity and experimentation.

How do you travel? How do you record experience? How do you make meaning of it? What resists meaning? Tell us in notes, articles, photographs, poems, drawings, reviews or in whatever means you choose to tell your story. In Coldnoon Diaries you can share your version of what it means to travel. Come be our diarists and let us travel with you.

Your themes may range, but are not restricted, to:

Urban Flânerie/ Walking
City Landscapes
Architecture and Decadence
Gender and Space/ Sexual Spaces
Travelling Perspectives

We are looking for original pieces that record your perceptions, opinions or criticism. Prose works can range from 500 to 1500 words. Submissions are rolling and publications are weekly. Short forms of poetry are most welcome, too. The works published in these Diaries will form a different section from CTP journal, and will not be published in print, however. Further, there are no deadlines for submissions. The only deadline for you is the time you take to compose your ideas, and begin travelling in your own words.

Also, do send us a bio-note, not more than 100 words. Feel free to mention your publications and affiliations, or if not, don't mind being creative either.

Mail your Diaries to:

Editor, Coldnoon Diaries
Amrita Ajay