Interdisciplinary Graduate Symposium on "Social Healing" Submissions due December 14 2014

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Graduate English Organization at the University of Texas--San Antonio

What does social healing look like in its most effective manifestations? How are we responding to the violence(s) and systemic oppressions that pervade our communities? How have we and how can we continue to attend to the real needs and social ills of all our respective communities? What strategies affect revolutionary positive healing? In what ways are social healers resisting, confronting, and/or transforming community healing? Our questions are inspired by the Caribbean novelist, scholar, and social activist, Dr. Erna Brodber. Coming from an interdisciplinary background rooted in History, Sociology, and Psychology, Brodber defines social healing as:"looking at the society to heal the society." As feminist scholars, we have committed ourselves to continuing her work in all of the spaces we inhabit and frequent. This interdisciplinary symposium brings together graduate and undergraduate students, scholars, writers, artists, performers, and community activists to engage with the topic of social healing from various perspectives.

This daylong symposium will take place on March 27, 2015 at
UTSA Main Campus (San Antonio, Texas) and feature Dr. Charlotte Pierce-Baker as the keynote lecturer. The Symposium on Social Healing aims to cover an array of topics and disciplines as well as foster a space for developing ideas, research, and community networking. Deadline for submissions is December 14, 2014. Please email 200-250 word abstracts to

Possible Sub-topics (not limited to these):
science, health, and medicine
theology and spirituality
speech and language
community engagement and activism
composition and rhetoric
ecology and environmental studies
criminal justice
prison industrial complex
teaching and pedagogy
women's studies
art and music
social movements
gender and sexuality