"Paradigms of Power: Uses and Abuses" 3rd Annual CCQ Humanities Conference, March 25-26 2015

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3rd Annual CCQ Humanities Conference/Community College of Qatar

Call for Papers (CFP):
Please join us for the 3rd Annual CCQ Humanities Conference to be held Wednesday, March 25th through Thursday, March 26th 2015. The Community College of Qatar was established in 2010 through the efforts of Her Heighness Sheikha Mozah as a leading educational institution, providing higher education and diverse opportunities for life-long learning. For the first Humanities Conference, the theme was "Seeing Life, Life As Seen: Constructing Reality" and in the second year "Re-Imagining the World: Borders, Boundaries, and Being." This year our conference theme is "Paradigms of Power: Uses and Abuses."

Power. It is embedded in the essence of our existence, whether taking form as control, rebellion, or the very concept of self. Power creates, molds, defines, and destroys. It is both finite yet infinite within the very dynamic that produces it. In the words of French philosopher Michel Foucault, "Power is not an institution, and not a structure; neither is it a certain strength we are endowed with; it is the name that one attributes to a complex strategic situation in a particular society" (History of Sexuality 93). This quote, pregnant with potential avenues of inquiry into the various and sundry paradigms of power, its uses and abuses, provides a fertile foundation for the 3rd Annual Community College of Qatar Humanities Conference. In the present time, issues of power are more prevalent and pressing than ever before in human history . . . or are they? Have there always been as many facets, variables, and perspectives? Issues of race, gender, geography, and religion blending into a confluence of crises, we seek to consider the ever shifting roles and balances of power at all levels of society and culture.

We invite scholarly submissions grounded in the field of humanities from professionals and graduate students concerning issues of power. This will be an interdisciplinary conference where all perspectives that engender a scholarly exploration are welcome.

Presentations may be in either English or Arabic with full translation services available for both.

Submissions are due by January 30th 2015. Abstracts of 250 to 500 words must be submitted in English. For submissions or inquiries please contact Bernadette.Russo@ccq.edu.qa
The conference website will be available by December 9th 2014 at http://web.ccq.edu.qa/humanities

These are but a few of the possible areas of endeavor:
• Literature
• Philosophy and Ethics
• History and historiography
• Cultural Studies
• Politics and International Relations
• Migration and Movement
• Gender Studies
• Technology
• Mass Communication and Media
• Religious and Theological Studies