[UPDATE]Black and Immigrant from McKay to Adiche Panel for MELUS Conference 2015 (abstracts due 12/11/14

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Samira Abdur-Rahman
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Black and Immigrant: Movement, Contact, and Difference from McKay to Adiche
Proposed Panel for the Annual MELUS Conference 2015 Athens, GA, April 9 – 12, 2015

This year's MELUS conference "Arrivals and Departures in U.S. Multi-Ethnic Literatures" explores the means by which "arrivals and departures have been critically important in a broader and more meaningful way in the lives and narratives of ethnically defined peoples." The conference will interrogate "immigration, mobility, exile, diaspora, disruptions" and "modes of transportation and their depictions." In keeping with this theme, this panel will explore the figure of the black immigrant from the Harlem Renaissance through 21st century literature of the United States. It is particularly interested in how black immigrants have interrogated, and disrupted, constructions of racial identity and troubled cartographies of racial separation. The panel, while highlighting the history and maintenance of geographies of race, will also explore the spaces of contact between black subjects where kinship, intimacy, and identity are negotiated.

The panel is particularly concerned with how mobility- for example, the train in McKay's Home to Harlem, the circuits of the internet in Adiche's Americanah, the perambulatory wanderings in Cole's Open City -converges spatial mapping, pedagogy, and memory.

Please send your paper proposals of 250 words to Samira Abdur-Rahman by December 11, 2014 at sabdurrah@gmail.com.

Paper topics can address:
Ethnicity and Constructions of Blackness
Racial geographies in the United States
Black Immigrant literature
Travel and Race
Race and Space
Black Immigrants and the City

**Please note: All presenters, chairs, and moderators must be members of MELUS. Membership information can be found on the MELUS website at www.melus.org/members. To be considered for the graduate student travel award and the contingent faculty award cc: mdennihy@gmail.com. You can learn more about the conference at the conference website here: http://www.melus.org/conferences/