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UP-COMING ISSUE : Vol 2, No 4 (2014) Issue - December


Socrates Journal invites Authors/Researchers and institutions to submit their research papers, manuscripts and proceedings for consideration of publication in the up-coming Issues of the Journal. We cover various disciplines and multiple languages, which provides better options to the Authors.


Socrates Journal covers :

Research article : Article of original research carried out by author(s)
Review article :Significant review of original research literature
Short communication:Brief research communication/ news/views/ article
Case study: Analytical findings of an individual case and communicated in journal publication
Research method : Reporting of new research methods
Opinion papers:Article provide opinion of individual or group
Observations (R&D):Expression of observations on R&D method/experiment/test and findings etc
Special articles:Invited article, memorial lecture/working paper/special paper/expert views/comments
Standard:A standard is a document that establishes uniform engineering or technical specifications, criteria, methods, processes, or practices
Report (R&D):Report a non-serial publication giving a detailed account of information or statements, often including opinions and findings, of an individual or group on a particular topic
Proceedings paper:The paper published in a Conference/Symposium/Seminar/Workshops etc or summarization of all papers from conference proceedings.


General information concerning submissions :

1. We accept paper submissions throughout the year 24 X 7 without any deadline for paper submission. Authors and contributors can now submit their paper for consideration of publication in our journal any time when they have accomplished their research work and are ready for paper submission. This will facilitate the authors as they would not have to keep an eye on our new announcement of Call for paper.

2. We have a web-based online Paper submission Mechanism for articles, and contributions We can now only accept contributions through this Mechanism. Full details of How to Submit an article to the journal Socrates can be found here.

3.Publishing in the journal is free (We do not charge any publication charges from the authors).There is No article processing charges (APCs). However Authors are required to pay an Article Submission Fee to support our open access publication model.

4. Article Submission Fee has been completely waived off for :

The Authors/Contributors to the disciplines of Philosophy; and Politics,law and governance.
The Authors/Contributors from Under-developed/Least developed countries

5.Authors are requested not to make multiple submissions of the same article to different journals at the same time. We hope that you will have written a submission especially for the specific readership of Socrates Journal, so please do not send it to other journals.

6. Authors can Submit their articles to the most relevant discipline. See the List of Disciplines covered by our Journal here. Authors can Submit their articles in any of these three languages: English; Hindi; and Persian.

7. All submissions received undergoes a process of Publication. In this process they are blind reviewed by a Peer of Reviewers and Expert Reviewers.

8. Authors are requested to provide complete Metadata for your paper submission whenever they make a paper submission.
9. Institutions and Organizers can also publish their Proceedings with Us.

Proceedings paper:The paper published in a Conference/Symposium/Seminar/Workshops etc or summarization of all papers from conference proceedings.We will Publish,print and index your Conference/Seminar Proceedings in the up-coming issue of the journal. Publication,Printing and Indexing charge includes One copy of the Print Version of the Issue which would be delivered to your postal address within one week of publication.

10. We have also started a Book Review Service at Socrates. A book is analyzed based on content, style. This is entirely a new field for our Journal and we are expecting many reviewers to join our journal as Book reviewers.

If you have any question un-answered in this section of our website please do not hesitate to write us at >socratesjournal@outlook.com You can also use the contact us form available on the footer of the website. We appreciate your interest in our journal.

Thanks for reading.