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4th International Conference on Language, Literature, and Culture - B/Orders Unbound: Transgressing the Limit in Arts and Humanities

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4th International Conference on Language, Literature, and Culture - B/Orders Unbound: Transgressing the Limit in Arts and Humanities
7-8 May 2015
Isparta, Turkey

Keynote Speaker: Prof.Dr.Abdulrazak Gurnah(University of Kent)

English studies have flourished like rhizome involving a wide range of theoretical framework from different disciplines like education, linguistics, psychology, sociology, folklore and anthropology, translation studies, cultural studies, communication, teaching and learning pedagogy, politics etcetera, thereby making its growth in multiple axes. This experience of a plurality of contact zones creates spaces of liminality that are relational and at the same time open to the questioning of any kind of borders for the interdisciplinary approach. Avtar Brah defines borders as "arbitrary dividing lines that are simultaneously social, cultural and psychic; territories to be patrolled against those whom they construct as outsiders, aliens, the Others; forms of demarcation where the very act of prohibition inscribes transgression" and spaces in which "claims to ownership" are contested, "defended and fought over" (194). Borders are more than lines cutting across maps; rather, they are wide swaths of ambiguity and reversibility where all essentializing distinctions and discourses are broken down and reassembled.

The theme of border opens a space for numerous inquiries and conversations about the things that constitute our borders – socially, psychologically, politically, culturally, academically, etc. – as well as the ways in which those borders are constructed, deconstructed, crossed, challenged, circumvented, diminished and redrawn. The theme also encourages us not only to think about our borders but also to think across them in the hopes of opening spaces for dialogue and disagreement that may in turn amend our sense of these borders.
"International Conference on Language, Literature, and Culture - B/Orders Unbound: Transgressing the Limit in Arts and Humanities" intends to blur the limits of conventional discourses and approaches, and features densely theoretical and analytical writing that focuses on the aspects of English language and literature in any or all possible contexts, employing interdisciplinary approach to address / approach the research problems with methods of and insights borrowed from multiple disciplines.
The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers, scholars and students from all areas of language, literature, culture and other related disciplines. You may participate as panel organizer, presenter of one paper, chair a session or observer.

All submissions to the conference will be reviewed by at least two independent peers for technical merit and content. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
Diasporic Literature
Nation and Nationality
Poetry and Prose
Drama and Dramaturgy
Contemporary Literature
Classical Literature
Medieval and Renaissance Literature
Literature and History
Language, Power and Ideology
Language Varieties
Literary Criticism
Critical Race Theory
Language, Identity and Culture
Language and Popular Culture
Literature and Film
Language and Power
Language and Gender
Language and the New Media
Language, Culture and Translation
Teaching of Language and Literature
Teaching and Learning of English as a Foreign/ Second Language
Effective Teaching Methodologies in Language and Literature Classrooms
Interdisciplinarity in Language Teaching and Learning
The Knowledge Base of Language Teacher Education
Social, Cultural, and Political Contexts of Language Teacher Education
Collaborations in Language Teacher Education
Practices of Language Teacher Education
The transformative nature of the role of language and communication in human cognition
The analysis of language and language use as providing a window into non-linguistic cognitive processes and structures
Language, linguistic and speech resource development
Evaluation methods and user studies
Text analysis, understanding, summarization and generation
Text mining and information extraction, summarization and retrieval
Text entailment and paraphrasing

Important dates/information:

A 300-word abstract for a 20-minute paper should be submitted as an email attachment to languageliteratureandculture@gmail.com or suleozun@sdu.edu.tr by 1 MARCH 2015. In your email, please include your name, affiliation, email address, phone number, title of the paper, and a brief bio data.

All participants are requested to complete the registration form and return it via electronic mail to languageliteratureandculture@gmail.com or suleozun@sdu.edu.tr until April 25, 2015.

Registration fee (publication included): 120 TL, € 65, $ 85.
Registration fee for research assistants and graduate students: 90 TL, € 50, $ 70.
The fee does not cover accommodation and travel expenses. It covers only the conference pack, two lunches, refreshments at intervals.

Selected papers will be published in a volume.

Should you need further information, please contact the organizers at: languageliteratureandculture@gmail.com or suleozun@sdu.edu.tr, or visit the conference konfreans.sdu.edu.tr/illc2015 .