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Roger Thompson Ralph Walde Emerson Society

American Literature Association Call for Proposals
The Emerson Society will sponsor two panels (covering one topic) at the annual meeting of the American Literature Association, to be held in Boston, MA from May 21-24, 2015. For information about the conference, see

Digital Emerson, I and II
We invite presentations on a wide range of approaches to digital developments in Emerson studies. As old technologies and artifacts give way to new electronic tools and ways of knowing, research and interaction with Emerson's texts has transformed. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the recent renaissance in online reading communities and their reinvention of conversation about Emerson's works, digitized versions of Emerson's texts, pedagogical uses of digital interfaces, and scholarly research on Emerson through digital archives and concordances. Also welcome are projects on any aspect of Emerson considered in light of electronic media. This two-part panel—which includes a traditional conference panel with three twenty-minute papers and a roundtable with roughly six briefer presentations—is designed to represent as broad a spectrum of perspectives on this crucial issue as possible. Thus all research concerns intersecting the digital are encouraged. Some areas of interest may include Emerson's contemporary web presence, the reconstruction of his works and biography for the digital age, online versions of his texts, the development of Emerson reading communities on the internet, Emerson and social media, the digital humanities, or big data, and Emerson's present and future place in digital culture.

E-mail 300 word abstracts to Roger Thompson ( and David Dowling ( by Jan. 15, 2015. Membership in the Emerson Society is required of presenters.

Thoreau Society Annual Gathering Call for Proposals
The theme of next year's Thoreau Society Annual Gathering (Concord: July 9-13, 2015) is "Thoreau's Sense of Place." The Emerson Society sponsors a panel at the Annual Gathering; the topic for 2014 is "Place in Emerson." The Emerson Society invites proposals for brief papers that consider the significance of place in Emerson's life and works. In addressing the cultural, political, and social geography in Emerson's thinking and its concern for the natural environment, papers might explore his sense of urban and rural space, domestic and public locales, transatlantic distances, and the role of the media and transportation in bridging cultural divides. Papers might also consider Emerson's environmental ethos, his immersion in astronomy and the work of Alexander Von Humboldt, and Thoreau's work as land surveyor as avenues into Emerson's sense of place. E-mail 300 word abstracts to Roger Thompson ( and David Dowling ( by Jan. 15, 2015.