The New Williams: Special Issue CFP [FEB 1 Abstract Deadline]

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William Carlos Williams Review

Within the next few years, Williams Carlos Williams's early works such as Al Que Quiere (1917), Kora in Hell: Improvisations (1920), Sour Grapes (1921), Spring and All (1923), and In the American Grain (1925) will reach their centennial anniversary. And since these milestones also coincide with a resurgent scholarly interest in lyric studies and modernist literature in general, the William Carlos Williams Review is soliciting articles for a special, double issue on "The New Williams" (forthcoming in 2015). The coeditors of the project are especially looking for innovative research that brings contemporary critical practices and methodologies to bear on Williams's life and work. The goal of the issue is not only to sample from the ever-growing body of Williams criticism, but also to re-evaluate Williams's contribution to twentieth-century U.S. literature and culture.

Submissions may include, but are not limited, to the following topics:

  • Williams and Critical Race Theory
  • Twentieth-century cultural and political geographies
  • Big Data applied to Williams
  • Cognitive or affective approaches to Williams
  • Williams and object-oriented-ontology
  • Williams and the critique of value, structures and ideology of empire
  • Williams and revolutionary transformations in poetics and/or politics
  • Williams and homophobia in society and the state
  • The precariat in Williams's poetry, prose, and drama
  • Williams as post-humanist
  • Williams and the anthropocene
  • Formations of transnational collectivities in Williams
  • The surface of Williams's page
  • Williams as post-post-modern, post-lyric, and/or hybrid poet
  • Crisis theory and Williams's economics
  • Teaching Williams, or decolonizing theory and practice
  • We ask that 500-word abstracts be sent to by 1 February 2015. Please include a short biographical sketch and an estimated word count with your abstract. Full articles, if requested, will be due 15 April 2015.