Afrocentric Approaches to Teaching Acting/Directing Theatre The Hendricks Method & other techniques

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Editors: Dr. Sharrell D. Luckett (California State University- Dominguez Hills) Dr. Tia M. Shaffer (South Atlanta High School- Chair, Fine Arts & Theatre Director)

Routledge Publishing, Inc.


Abstract Deadline: January 15, 2015

Abstracts are being accepted for a ground-breaking edited anthology on African-American and/or Afrocentric approaches to teaching actors and directing actors, complete with a foreword by leading African-American Studies scholar Molefi K. Asante. According to Asante, Afrocentricity has been defined by its progenitors as both an analytical process and actionable perspective that positions African-descended people as subjects and agents in the world (2013).

For decades, African-American acting teachers and theatre directors have consciously and subconsciously grappled with the implications of teaching and directing as an artist of color in a Euro-centric society. This anthology will offer a unique perspective to the body of literature that addresses African American and/or Afrocentric acting methods, which are virtually absent in the performing arts world. Further, this book will provide a culturally relevant framework for performance teachers seeking to enhance their lessons with diverse perspectives, and will possess a unique and revelatory method of conceptualizing the methods of African-American acting teachers and theatre directors.

We invite essays that aim to educate readers about African American and/or Afrocentric performance teaching and directing methods, processes, and techniques, which will be championed as critical theoretical additions to the canon of techniques/methods that may and should be utilized in acting classrooms, laboratories, and on the stage. We also invite essays that un-earth, celebrate and critically engage with artistic performance practices ontologically and empirically grounded in African-American and Afrocentric acting/directing methods. The practitioner covered must be someone who identifies(d) as African American.

Abstract Guidelines:

Interested contributors must submit a 300-500 word abstract to editors Sharrell D. Luckett and Tia M. Shaffer at by January 15, 2015. Authors selected for this anthology will be notified by late January.

Abstracts should include the following:

• A brief bio of the African-American acting teacher/theatre director to be highlighted in the anthology (including overview of works)
• A brief explanation of why this acting teacher/theatre director should be included in this anthology (how has this person's work advanced theatre utilizing an African-American and/or Afrocentric framework in the performing arts)
• A brief bio of contributing author (including name, contact info, and affiliation)

Final Chapter Guidelines:

Final chapters shall contain 7000-8000 words, and will be due by March 15, 2015. Chapters will focus on the following:
• African-American and/or Afrocentric approaches to teaching acting and directing actors;
• African-American and/or Afrocentric theatrical interventions with non-African American material or within non-African American spaces that produced re-writings, re-stagings, or re-castings;
• Approaches to theatre that privilege theories and practices of African-American and/or Afrocentric psychology pertaining to teaching acting and directing theatre, created by an African American
• Approaches to acting or theatre directing that are rooted in or call upon an African American hip-hop aesthetic, afro-futurist aesthetic, ensemble/communal aesthetic, and so forth

Additionally, we are requesting that accepted contributors secure and transcribe a separate interview of their person of interest, or a reputable student/colleague working in the field who has trained with the practitioner to complement her/his essay.

This book is under contract with Routledge Publishing, Inc. We welcome any inquires prior to submission of abstracts. Thank you in advance for your submission.

Dr. Sharrell D. Luckett
Assistant Professor of Directing & Acting
California State University- Dominguez Hills
Director, Performance Studies & Arts Research Collective

Dr. Tia M. Shaffer
Chair, Department of Fine Arts
Theatre Director & Educator
South Atlanta High School