Personas in Production

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School of The Arts, The University of Northampton

8 April 2015, School of the Arts, The University of Northampton
(Hosted by The Postcolonial Visual Culture, Performance and Narrative Research Group within The Centre for Contemporary Narrative and Cultural Theory )

This symposium will examine the typefication, marketing practices and consumption of an author's identity in the publishing process. By "publishing process" this examination is intended to focus on any time frame from the moment the author finishes writing her piece, through the editing process, to the point when the physical work is available on book shelves.
Some questions to consider include: How does the publishing industry create and sell a persona of authors with hybrid/hyphenated identities? Are authors presented as fully assimilated to the host country or as concretely tied to "ethnic" roots? Particularly when second and third generation immigrant writers are being marketed in relation to the motherland, how is their identity accepted as authentic? How does current scholarship on identity, nationhood, ethnicity, groupism and diaspora apply to the actual practices in the publishing field? As academics, how do scholars contribute to the perception, reception and dissemination of authors' personas to a wider reading public? How has the development of Digital Humanities and social media affected the process of the production and perception of authorial identity?
This event will be held at the School of The Arts, The University of Northampton , Avenue Campus, St.George's Avenue, Northampton, NN2 6JD, UK. The registration fee for all participants is £15.

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Title, 250 word abstract and a one paragraph academic biography. Please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements, and if you will require a parking space.
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7 March 2015
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