[MLA 2016, Austin] Special Session "Translation, Genre, Politics"

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Josephine Hardman / UMass Amherst

MLA special session will investigate the influence of literary translation and adaptation on the development of new genres, forms, and modes of literature.

How do translated texts contribute to already-established literary canons in the receiving culture(s)? What kinds of translational choices do translators make? What is kept and what is lost in the process of translation?

This panel also seeks to explore the political uses of literary translation, raising questions such as (but not limited to): How are source texts selected? Why are certain texts deemed worthy of translation into a particular culture? What kinds of ideological investments and/or biases emerge in the translational process?
Papers dealing with literary translation of any genre and period, the history of translation, the ethics of translation, the politics of translation are all welcome.

250-300 word abstracts due by March 8 2015. Please send to Josephine Hardman at jhardman@english.umass.edu.